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There are not many things worse than walking down the aisle; all eyes are on you, wearing a dress that does not make you look your best. Being asked to be a bridesmaid is an honor, but the process of choosing a dress can be precarious. In many cases, bridesmaids must listen to the bride make big promises about how the dresses will fit perfectly and flatter their specific body type. And, of course the bridesmaids will be able to wear their dresses again!

Fortunately, times have changed. At long last, thanks to designers like Priscilla of Boston and Melissa Sweet, there are beautiful and elegant dresses available for bridesmaids. Now, it's just up to the bride to follow the latest trend: coordinating her dress with the bridesmaid dresses. Here are some tips to help with this challenge.

Modern bridesmaid dresses are available in a wide variety of lengths, styles, colors and fabrics. Note to the style-challenged bride: your bridesmaids do not all have to wear the exact same dress. In fact, that look has nearly become pass¨¦.

A Bridesmaid By Bridesmaid Basis

Choose dresses for your bridesmaids that are specific to their body types. The ideal bridesmaid dress conceals flaws and emphasizes assets. Bridesmaids with pear-shaped bodies look striking in ball-gown style dresses. These gowns, however, are not the most flattering for full-figured bridesmaids, as they can over-exaggerate their size. Consider dresses with sleek silhouettes for your petite maids.

Try a column style for these ladies; otherwise, they might appear "lost" in the dress. Another option for petites: empire waist dresses; great for those with small bust lines. Your curvy gals look great in mermaid-style gowns that hug the body and spill into a pretty flare from the knee down. Still stumped?

Try an A-line dress; most bodies look great in these.

Regardless of the sizes and shapes of your bridesmaids, it's critical to wear proper undergarments. Make sure your ladies have this part taken care of.

Color Them Beautiful

For all the less-than-enthusiastic bridesmaids out there, new colors for bridesmaid dress collections boast a wide range of fantastic color choices. Good news: pastels are out, as are the old standards. Say goodbye to the mauve, and hello to the...orange? Yep. Deep colors like indigo blue, dusky purple and rich, sunset orange are hot right now. Charcoal is a big fave, as well.

Not to be outdone, pretty pales are dominating the aisles. Spring and summer plus size club dresses ceremonies are perfect for sweet, pale yellow or vibrant kelly green bridesmaid gowns for the warmest months -when perhaps skin isn't ghostly white- consider dresses in sand and taupe. Tr¨¦s chic! And, of course, you can't go wrong with black; always classy and never clashy.

Trend alert: combos and color runs. Many dressmakers offer different bridesmaid dress styles in the same color. Just pick your color and let your bridesmaids do the rest. Each gets to pick her own style. It's less hassle for you and more fun for them; a win-win situation (and potentially re-wearable, because it's something they actually like). Color runs simply involve each bridesmaid wearing the same dress in a different color; great for the whimsical wedding party.

Regardless of what color you choose, make sure you find your wedding dress bridal dresses first. You must select your color, and then base your bridesmaids' dresses around it, not the other way around. It's all about you this time around. After you've chosen your gown, you'll know for a fact whether your bridesmaids' dresses complement yours. Also, consider your theme first, if you want one.

Aisle Style

Rule #1: beware the strapless bridesmaid dress. Though most certainly look beautiful, they're incredibly irritating. Your bridesmaids will thank you for not forcing them to spend the mother of the bride dresses whole event tugging on their dresses and worrying about embarrassing slips. If you want your ladies to show some skin, consider halter, single-shoulder and asymmetrical styles. Also, don't doom them to suffer in irritating fabrics. Think organza, satin or chiffon.

A flattering new trend for bridesmaids: city chic. Sleek, modern dresses -often in shorter styles-are gaining popularity among fashionable wedding parties. Don't forget the killer heels and striking accessories. For very elegant events, consider full-length gowns in soft fabrics. Pearls, chandelier earrings and updos look great with this style.

Considering today's weddings are far less stringent regarding colors, styles and themes, this is a great time to flex your creativity with your bridal party ideas. Use your imagination and have fun. As long as your bridesmaid's dresses are seasonally-appropriate and complement your look, anything goes.

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